who do WALLS work with?

 Below, examples of where and how WALLS can partner up

1)ESKE interior shop Oslo. Selling photos directly through a store.

Photo from Interior architect Karina Holmens private residence below. The photo  ´ Er han bevæpnet ´ hangs behind her. In VAKRE HJEM & INTERIØR JANUARY 2018.

2) Nordic Gate real estate. Photos are used here for apartment styling. See image below. Businesses can also rent my photos for a set of time.

3) As a consultant at private clients home in Oslo. Organising present collection of art, getting a new overview, ideas of how to better synchronise and present it. Please scroll down for more info.

2)Nordic Gate Eiendom og styling av leiligheter i Rosenhoff fabrikker Oslo. 2004/05.

My 3 photo works can be seen at the left wall, left page.


3) WALLS hjemme hos;

Her bilde fra Anny på Tonsehagen; hun ville ha hjelp til å se på kunsten hun selv hadde, få nye ideer til hvordan å henge opp, valg av rammer og ikke minst å velge bort bilder som ikke lenger var så aktuelle å fremme.

Above ; Gathering the art one already have can be a smart move in order to get a new overview, see new possibilities and maybe discover stuff that might be removed .. and maybe even invest in something new !

Below exhibition at Cafe Gram 2016, Sagene Oslo.