WALLS / photo production

WALLS sell a range of photos in a contemporary style, here are some examples of different styles and themes that can be a breath of fresh air in an office space or combined nicely with your home interior. All photos that have been exhibited are printed in a series and numbered.

The plan for this company is to take in artists and cooperate with galleries to easier communicate between the parties and to meet the clients wish and budget.






















A selection of these images have already been sold in Interior shops, exhibited in various galleries, bars and used as  house styling in Oslo for the last 10-15 years.

We print on most materials; aluminium, plexiglas, wood, canvas and photo paper. Framing and ways of hanging also makes a great impact on the final result

Handprints are available in smaller sizes, as below, a colourprint on poplar tree in the making.

all photos are in the courtesy of Julie Hoen